Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The company

Are Leisegang colposcopes manufactured in Germany?

Yes, all colposcopes are manufactured by Leisegang Feinmechanik-Optik GmbH in Berlin.

Leisegang is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US company Cooper Surgical Inc.

How long has Leisegang been in business?

Leisegang was founded in 1889, and the first colposcopes were manufactured in 1948.

What role does Leisegang play in the world market?

Leisegang is one of the world's leading manufacturers of colposcopes. Leisegang colposcopes are considered the GOLD STANDARD in colposcopy. 

What are the main regions of Leisegang's business?

USA, Germany, PR of China, Russia, France, Spain and Italy.

Customer Service

Who can I contact regarding sales in Germany and worldwide?

For questions concerning day to day sales activities in Germany, please contact our sales department: Email sales.leisegang(at), Phone: +49 30 319 009-0.

If you are an international organization interested in collaborating with us or if you want to become an authorized dealer of Leisegang, please contact the Senior Director Business Development from Cooper Surgical & Leisegang  for colposcopes, Dr. Thomas Kupferschmidt: Email thomas.kupferschmidt(at)

How can I purchase from Leisegang?

Please submit your order to: Email sales.leisegang(at)
If you want to purchase a special fixture to attach your colposcope to an examination chair please always specify the chair manufacturer.

Please do not forget to specify your preferred shipping method and carrier. 

How can I return a product?

Before returning equipment for repair or any other reason, please contact your dealer to obtain an RMA number. We do not accept returns without an RMA number.

If you have purchased your product from an authorized dealer, you should contact your dealer to obtain an RMA number. If you purchased your product directly from Leisegang, you may contact us by phone to receive an RMA number. Phone: +49 30 319009-0. Please provide the following information

  • Your customer number or your contact details (address, contact partner, phone number),
  • Order number
  • Product identification (model number REF and serial number SN of your device),
  • Reason for return.

More information on the return procedure.

How can I get permission to use Leisegang photographs?

Please contact Andrea Böhm: Email ingo.hampe(at), Phone: +49 30 319 009-46. Please specify which photographs you would like to use and for what purpose. You can also ask for a CD with product photographs.



Technical service

Who can I contact with technical issues?

Please contact our technical service: Email service.leisegang(at), Phone: +49 30 319 009-0.

If you have any questions or issues about the software, please contact our sales department: E-Mail sales.leisegang(at), Phone +40 30 319 009-0.

We establish contact with the corresponding software service provider.


How can I find an authorized dealer in my region?

Please contact Leisegang Phone: +49 30 319 009-0. We will gladly provide you with detailed information. 

Where can I get information regarding product training?

Courses and seminars ar held in our training center in Berlin, in times of Corona also as webinars. Appointments will be arranged individually until further notice. If you are interested in a training course at your site, please contact our Leisegang team: E-Mail info.leisegang(at), Tel.: +49 30 319 009-0.  

Training can also be taken at CooperSurgical in Trumbull, CT, USA. Please contact us to arrange for times and dates.