Dr. Shakuntala Baliga, India:

"Leisegang is one of the first and world's best manufacturers of precision medical instruments. Leisegang's colposcopes are considered the GOLD STANDARD among industry experts and doctors. The software fully suits the everyday needs of a gynaecologist."

Dr. Stefan Seidl

former Vice Chairman of the German Association of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy:

"I have used Leisegang colposcopes since 1973. Even in those days, its excellent depth of focus delivered high-quality photographs. I have been a loyal customer of Leisegang because they keep up with global technology standards through continuous innovations."

Dr. Quek, Singapore

(screened with Leisegang colposcope in India in 2010):

"The colposcope I received from you was excellent, and there were no problems during the screening in India. The imaging quality is brilliant, the workmanship is flawless, as was expected from Leisegang."