Model 1D LED

Modell 1D LED

Standard model with three magnification levels:

  • Magnification adjustor for x 7.5/15/30 magnification
  • Adjustment drives for focus and height

Technical data

  • Illumination: White LEDs, 10 W power consumption, intensity of illumination 45.000-52.000 lx, colour temperature 5.700-6.000 K
  • Working distance: 300 mm
  • Beam path: Convergent
  • Eyepieces: Straight insight
  • Magnification: 7.5x/15x/30x
  • Field of view diameter: 46/23/11.5 mm
  • Light field diameter: 58 mm
  • Dioptric correction: +7 to -7 diopters
  • Green filter: pivotable
  • Horizontal fine adjustment: 40 mm
  • Vertical fine adjustment: 80 mm
  • Colours: standard colour grey white (RAL 9002), custom colours (RAL) are available

Stands, roller base

  • Stands: Upright stand, swing-o-matic stand or balance-o-matic stand
  • Assembly: On roller base or on examination chair

 Associated equipment

  • Tray: To support a notebook or a tablet; for swing-o-matic and balance-o-matic stand


1DS LED as for 1D LED, but with x 3.75/7.5/15 magnification

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