Gratulation zu 70 Jahren Leisegang

Dr. Quek Swee Chong, Klinischer Direktor der ASC Clinic for Women, Singapur:

"I have been using Leisegang colposcopes for the last 10 years and am very pleased with their performance. As a colposcopist who works in a variety of clinical settings, ranging from large tertiary institutions to rural villages, it is important to have a colposcope that I can rely on to deliver outstanding image quality. The Leisegang colposcopes I have used have never failed me. These colposcopes are distinguished by their ease of use, ergonomics, ruggedness and most importantly, their superb optics. Congratulations on your 70th anniversary. I wish you many more years of innovating and building great products."

Prof. Dr. B. Shakuntala Baliga, Gynäkologin und Kolposkopiespezialistin, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bangalore, Indien:

"I am delighted to learn that Leisegang is completing 70 glorious years in the industry and that I have been requested to pen my experience about the Leisegang colposcopes...." vollständiger Text

Dr. Sergey Petrenko, Direktor des Kolposkopischen Zentrums in Krasnodar, Russland:

"I congratulate Leisegang in this, their jubilee year. In these 70 years, they have succeeded in manufacturing the world's best colposcope. Whether you are using it for the first time or are a long-standing colposcopy professional, you will find the unbelievable quality of their products, the design and the durability, are exceptional. Ever since the found ing of our company 10 years ago, we have been working with Leisegang photo-video colposcopes which give us the highest quality colposcopic screenings possible. When colleagues ask our opinion as to which colposcope they should purchase, we always reccommend Leisegang."

Dr. Yun Zhao, Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics Peking University People's Hospital, Peking, China:

"Congratulations on Leisegang 70th anniversary. Thank you for introducing Leisegang colposcope to me at 2012. At the first sight of Leisegang, it impressed me with its detail of the design. From strange to familiar, I've already fallen in love with Leisegang colposcope, because it could gave me not only excellent optics but also perfect picture, ergonomic design, reliable machine, long life time, brilliant light source etc. All these things means a lot for gynecologists, patients and medical institutions. Leisegang colposcope help me provide high quality health care for my patients and gain their trusts. I've already recommended Leisegang colposcope to many other gynecologists because of it brilliant quality. Leisegang colposcope is trustworthy product. Wish Leisegang make more interesting innovation in the future. More and more gynecologists could access to this superb production."


Prof L. Denny und Dr. N. Mbatani, Gynäkologisch-onkologische Abteilung, Groote Schuur Hospital University of Cape Town, Kapstadt, Südafrika:

"The University of Cape Town / Groote Schuur Hospital Colposcopy unit performs about 80 to 90 colposcopic examinations per week. We have been using Leisegang coplposcopic machines for the past 15 or so years...."

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Prof. Dr. Uğur Firat Ortaç, Universität Ankara, med. Fakultät, Abt. Geburtshilfe & Gynäkologie, Türkei:

"I've bought my first Leisegang in 1997 and a new 3MVC in 2013. Main thing that makes me choose Leisegang is its practicality. Workplace ergonomics and how the device fits into my workflow rather than the opposite matters to me a lot. Leisegang's ergonomic design, minimal footprint and its variety of mounting options don't leave much to be desired. When you combine the ergonomics with great image quality and practical recording solutions that it comes bundles with, I can't see myself using any other colposcope but Leisegang."

Assoc. Prof. Virach Wootipoom, Gynäkologe und Onkologe, Bangkok-Hatyai Hospital Hatyai, Songkhla, Thailand:

"I'm happy to work with your Leisegang colposcope because the instrument was so good in so many points:

1. User friendly (easy to be used) due to the design of the instrument during moving and handling (adjustment, stable wheels, etcs);

2. Excellent pictures (good lens quality) both from directly from eyepieces or from the monitoring screen;

3. LED light source is much better than the the previous fiber optic;

4. Leisegang colposcope is so tough and able to stand heavy work such as moving to another place (strong);

5. My last comment but, in my opinion was very important, is the after sales service from Medicare (Thailand) co. Ltd. It is so impressive (effective and consistent).

In conclusion (just only my own opinion), even the Leisegang colposcope price was a little bit higher than the other products form other companies, Leisegang colposcope is still worthwhile due to all the above reasons I had described. Congratulation again for the 70th anniversary of your Leisegang birthday!"

Prof. Azmi Mat Adenan, MMed (O&G) ( UM), MBChB (Glasg), BSc (Scot), Pusat Perubatan UM (PPUM), Malaysia:

"The scope is good and gives clear image."

Dr. Ehab Helmy Abd El Malek Fahmy, MBBCH, D.G.O, Hospital Labuan, Malaysia:

"This model is nice to use and it is user friendly.It is Competitive with Olympus."

Dr. Yogaraj Ramanathan, MBBS (Mysore), MRCOG, FRCOG (LONDON), und Dr. Andi Anggeriana Andi, Asri MD, MMED Obs und Gynae (UM), CGO (Singapore), Certified Gynaecological Oncologist, KPJ Sentosa KL, Malaysia:

"It is rigid for the first model purchased. Budget was limited at that point in time, but currently looking for a new model."